Residential Heating and Cooling

If you are looking for a Denver HVAC company you can rely on, call Golden Heating and Air  Inc.
  • We offer heating and cooling installation, repair and maintenance services to the Denver metropolitan area.
  • For emergency repairs, we are available 24/7. We respond to service calls as quickly as we can.
  • We also provide routine maintenance to help prevent costly repairs and ensure your systems works when you need them.
If it is time to replace your old air conditioner, or if you want to upgrade for better energy savings, call the  experts at Golden Heating and Air  Inc. Most AC systems that were manufactured over 10 years ago have lower efficiency ratings, which are measured by the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). High–efficiency air conditioners are given a SEER number above 13. While the majority of older AC systems have SEER ratings that hover around 6, all air conditioning systems made after 2006 are required to have a minimum of 13.
Choosing a new heating system in Denver can be challenging given all the different options on the market. You may want to combine your heating and air conditioning by purchasing a new high–efficiency  ductless mini split system. You may also choose to upgrade an older furnace with a more efficient model. We can go over all your options if you aren’t sure what the best heating system would be for you. In addition to stocking quality products, we keep current with the latest advances in our industry. Because of our familiarity with new technology and the new products on the market, we are help our customers find a cost–effective solution to their heating needs.
Energy Savings
Programmable thermostats are one of the easiest and most affordable ways to save energy and lower your bills. Digital programmable thermostats allow you to set your thermostat at different temperatures throughout the day. For instance, you can set your thermostat to a lower or higher temperature during the day while you are at work, and then back to normal temperatures so that your home is comfortable when you get home. Lowering the output of your HVAC system  when you aren’t home or while you are sleeping can help save a lot of energy and lower your utility bills. Not only does it save the energy used to run your system, but there’s also less air loss when the temperature inside your home is closer to the temperatures outside.
When you install a brand new ENERGY STAR® equipment, you could reduce your energy usage by half, especially if your current system is more than 10 years old. Also look for added energy–saving features, such as variable speed air handlers and a fan–only switch to reduce your energy usage when you aren’t using the AC. If you have questions or would like to know more about the energy–efficient equipment we sell and install, give us a call any time. We’d be happy to answer your questions and help you choose a system that fits within your budget.
Air Quality
If you are concerned about indoor air pollutants and the air quality inside your home, we. can help! We have a full line of air purification services and products to help eliminate common indoor contaminants, such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, and bacteria. These irritants are known to exacerbate allergies and respiratory problems, such as asthma.
It’s important to speak with an indoor air quality professional if you have concerns about these pollutants, because there are different methods to attack the different types of contaminents. In dry climates it’s also important that there’s the right amount of moisture in the air inside your home, and some humidifiers can actually create too much moisture, which then promotes mold growth and other air quality issues. Call the specialists at Golden Heating and Air if you have concerns about your indoor air quality, and we can help you choose the right system to suit your needs